Welcome to the Astarix!

Now also with season ticket again!

Here you can find our menu. All dishes except soups also gladly To Go if desired also in brought along containers. Reservations please by phone 0651 72239 or by mail to: Card payment is not possible!

Our opening hours:

Where is the Astarix?

You can find us at Karl Marx Strasse 11, directly across from the Trier Theater:


On the last Thursday of every month, we host a Jazz Session in our "Miss Marples" smoking area. It is a meeting of the members of the Jazz Club Trier and music friends. We will announce when the next Jazz Session will take place.

Jazz Session

Info for the musicians: An electric piano, a drum set, mics and guitar/bass amp are available on site - so no unnecessary lugging is necessary.


The guessing game takes place 2 times a month on Sundays. In groups there will be 4 rounds of guessing through different topics. The winning group is then rewarded with a voucher worth 30 euros. The rules are simple. Collect in 4 rounds with 5 questions each the most points. Asked are general knowledge, song lyrics, school knowledge and special or current from film and television. Again, we can't announce a date yet.